A Black Man’s Journey

Being raised on the west side of Chicago (K-Town) was a beautiful thing. During the 60’s & 70’s my neighborhood was filled with positive  nurturing images of Black people. Most of these people were part of the “great migration” from the south. There were men & women that looked out for each others well-being,  supported each other’s businesses, looked out for each others children & provided the foundation that we needed to grow into productive citizens of the world. They organized activities &, events designed to foster pride, strength & determination. I have to acknowledge how important these people were & still are in preparing me to survive my life journey. Just like everyone else, I have experienced some falls in my life. But, the values they instilled in me would not & will not allow me to stay down. They gave me the strength & faith to know that regardless of what or who I encounter, I will be ok.

As this is my initial attempt at blogging, it is important that you know there will be more. I will attempt to address current issues as they relate to historical causes & effects. Our community appears to be struggling with some issues that we really, really need to address. A lot of them are not new & are directly related to the past, nor are they easy to deal with. I am certain that this endeavor will at times be a painful one, but well worth the effort.  I believe that together we can begin to eliminate some of  these issues by addressing them from a historical point of view.

To be continued.





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