Ahhhh, “The Good Old Days.” (For Who Though)?

Apparently, these were “the good old days when America was great.” Would you agree?

In an historical context, the current rhetoric follows the original intent to keep some of us from equally sharing in the  so called dream. Based on these images, “the good old days” would more aptly  be described as a nightmare for people like me, or anyone else that didn’t/doesn’t fit a very narrow historically exclusive demographic.

This nonsense is exactly what I alluded to on the about section of this blog. We don’t need to be saved by some clueless orange dude, some chameleon like career politician or anyone else for that matter. This is on us, we have got to do better!!! Politically we must set and vigorously push our agenda, and then hold them accountable. I believe it was Chicago’s late & great Mayor Harold Washington that said (I am para phrasing), “if you are not into politics, then politics will without fail get into you.”

Our savior is in the mirror folks, pay attention.

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