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Black History:

February 6, 2022

Food For Thought

Dr. Claude Anderson: This is where it all starts.

Subliminal Messages

In my opinion this BS message is at the very root of a lot of the current issues our community (and this country) struggles with . In retrospect, it has been prevalent in one form or another throughout the “his”story of America. We have to expose this nonsense at every opportunity.

Today in Black History

Black History Facts for Today by Yenoba.com June 29 James Van Der Zee, photographer, famous for his works in the “Harlem Renaissance,” was born in Lennox, MA, on this date in 1886. Carter Godwin Woodson, the “Father of Black History,” was awarded the 12th Spingarn Medal on this date in 1926 for his devoted efforts… Read More ›

7 Black owned Doll Makers.

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