First of all, we do not, can not & will not ever accept the premise that the Black community can’t be self-sufficient. History shows us that despite many, many obviously organized efforts to exclude or disenfranchise  the Black community, it has more often than not found ways to overcome the seemingly endless obstacles it was faced with.

I do sincerely believe with all my being that by collectively nurturing and supporting our own, we will begin to realize more of the standards and practices that will help provide the foundation  that all communities need in order to prosper.

It is our desire that you not only join this forum and share your thoughts and or opinions, We also strongly encourage you to share this site with friends and or family members. Communication of ideas, comments (yea or nay) are welcomed and appreciated. On this site we plan to regularly post for your consideration, some relevant facts, articles, ideas, thoughts & concepts. Some will be of a current nature, and some will be historical as it pertains to  cause & affect and how we can employ pertinent information to improve  the situation. Again, please  know that your input is vital and we look forward to growing with you.

First fact:

A recent Nielson Company study showed that the “African American population is an economic force to be reckoned with, with a projected buying power of $1.3 trillion by 2017.” Yet, the marketing community generally continues to ignore this community when it comes to efforts to tap into that buying power.

  • Why do you think that is?
  • Is this a potential advantage for the community?
  • What should/could we do about it?


Lets talk about some solutions.



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